Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions:

What are system requirements for my local computer?

All work is really done on the remote server, your local computer serves only as terminal (thin client), so the requirements for it are very low. You can even use your "good old" 386 computer or smartphone. The main requirement is Internet connection (at least 33600bps).

What types of payment do you accept?

At this moment, wire transfer is an only method of accepted payment.

All my data is so far away. How can I be sure it is safe? What are the guarantees?

  1. Location
    All our servers are based in the CH - a country where the law guarantees that your data cannot be accessed by third parties. Servers are located in a secure data centre a much safer place that a standard office.
  2. Reliability and high performance of our servers
    Reliability and high performance of Dell servers. We use Dell hardware to provide our services. Dell is one of the best producers of high quality servers in the world.
  3. Data security and protection
    Data security and protection. Our firewall, regular backups, 24x7 infrastructure monitoring and physical protection of your servers from unauthorised access give you full confidence in security of your data and software applications.
  4. Data encryption
    In case of hypothetical theft of our server the data is still protected by a very strong encryption, there is no chance of getting to the information.

How can I be sure your employees won't access my data?

The data center has proximity access controls for ALL doors, all racks and cages are lockable, and only a limited number of professional engineers has physical access to servers.

Where can I work from?

You can work from any place where you can find computer and Internet access. Model and operating system do not matter. You can even use your Pocket PC or communicator, or go to internet cafe.

Do you make any backups?

Yes, we do regular backups on a daily basis.

I have my own domain. Can you setup mail server for this domain?

Yes, if you own a domain name, we can link your domain to our mailservers.

Where are the mails stored?

The location of our hardware was carefully chosen with maximum regard to data protection in accordance to eliminating the risk of access to the data by third parties. Nobody except you and recipient of your message will be able to monitor this communication and misuse the vulnerable information. This makes SKANIAMAIL one of safest e-mail communication solutions on the market. Mailboxes are located on mailservers that has encrypted hard drives and the top security is ensured through a secure protocol and advanced encryption technology.

When is secure communication necessary?

In all situations, when it is desirable to protect the content of communication with a client or a business partner. If the company does not communicate securely, there is always a risk of capture, interception and possible abuse of information by competitors or by the state authority.