SKANIAMAIL services brings following benefits:

Secure e-mail storage

The key security feature is that our clients do not have their e-mail correspondence stored at a mail server located in their office (or at a local mailhosting provider). Thanks to this fact, stored e-mails are protected against the potential risk of stealth or mailserver seizure.

All e-mail messages sent within the SKANIAMAIL system are stored on reliable servers in data center located outside the  clients’ country.

Confidentiality of data transmission

SSL-protected connection from the clients’ computer to our servers ensures the security of data transmission.

Communication between SKANIAMAIL users is entirely secure thanks to the fact that the mailboxes are located at the same encrypted mailserver, without any risk of interception of an e-mail message.

As a result, nobody except for the entitled SKANIAMAIL users can access mailboxes, intercept the communication and misuse the vulnerable information.

Our firewall, daily backups, 24x7 infrastructure monitoring and protection of your servers from unauthorised access give our clients full confidence in security of their data.

Another advantage of SKANIAMAIL solution is a feature that automatically erases the history from the email header, so the sender of the email is not traceable.

Immediate access

SKANIAMAIL customers are able to access their mailboxes anytime from any place with an internet access:

Customisation and user comfort

Mailboxes can be accustomed to a language according to each user’s wish. Our system supports more than 40 languages including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek or Arabic.

SKANIAMAIL enables an individually adjustable notification of incoming message either by e-mail or by SMS or by e-mail to client's secondary mailbox.

Skaniamail mailbox is advertisement and banner free.

Flexible administration

Our clients may choose whether they wish our company to manage their virtual e-mail server, or whether they wish to manage it themselves.

If the virtual e-mailserver containing a package of mailboxes is administered by our support team, our support team generates usernames and passwords, and provides assistance in case the client wishes to change a username, re-generate a forgotten password or delete a mailbox.

If the latter alternative is chosen, the client ordering our services receives adminiastration rights with respect to his virtual mail servers. As such, he is entitled to set-up, change or delete new mailboxes at his domain